aPHR Accelerated Course

Take Charge. Tackle That Test! TM

In this three session course, you’ll learn our exclusive test taking methodology AND review the most challenging aPHR exam topics from our full-length aPHR prep course. Gain an edge and tackle the aPHR test with confidence!


3 evening sessions | 5:30 to 8:30 PM MT

attend virtually via Zoom



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Learn Critical Test Taking Strategies

These evening classes will quickly prepare you to master the game-changing test taking strategies included in our HRPowerPassTM methodology. This proprietary system has helped thousands of professionals pass their HR certification exams.


Review Key aPHR Exam Topics

If you’re self studying or seeking clarity about specific material, we will help you identify and master many challenging topics so you’ll feel more confident and better prepared for test day! View key topics we cover in this aPHR workshop.

Is this course right for me?

Take Charge. Tackle That Test! is a dynamic, accelerated course that is perfect for anyone who is: 

  • preparing for the aPHR exam
  • scoring lower than 70% on practice exams
  • self studying and feeling PANICKED due to test anxiety; OVERWHELMED with the amount of material; or FEARFUL about finishing the exam in time.
aphr accelerated course

Upcoming aPHR Accelerated Courses

3 sessions | 9 class hours | online | $495


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Sample of Key aPHR Exam Topics Covered in This Accelerated Course

  • Organizational Structure & Design
  • Job Analysis & Classification
  • Employment Discrimination / BFOQs / Adverse Impact Analysis
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Interviewing Techniques & Biases
  • I-9s / Background Checks / Medical Exams
  • Employment-at-Will & Exceptions
  • On/Off-the-Job Training Methods
  • Performance Appraisal Methods & Biases/Errors
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • Compensation & Incentive Structures
  • Fair Labor Standards Act / Overtime & Exemptions
  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • OSHA

Looking for In Depth Courses?

Take Charge. Tackle That Test!TM workshops focus on test taking strategies and a selected number of key exam topics. This workshop is not a replacement for a full HR certification prep course.

For in-depth coverage of material included in your exam content outline, register for our full aPHR exam prep course.


Take Charge. Tackle That Test!TM for aPHR is an intensive test taking workshop that will give you confidence to take the aPHR certification exam. Over the two interactive sessions, we’ll cover: 

  • Test taking strategy basics
  • Practice questions
  • Key exam topics & concepts
  • Study tips
  • Psychology & physiology prep for test day


Our proprietary test-taking methodology, HRPowerPassTM, has helped hundreds of HR professionals pass their HR certification exam. This process will help you:

  • systematically work through any type of exam question;
  • answer questions with more confidence; and
  • apply simple strategies to correctly answer situational questions.

Ready to boost your test-taking skills?

Take the aPHR exam with confidence!


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