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The HR certification exams are TOUGH and much of the battle for success is won by becoming an expert multiple-choice test taker. Our unique and pragmatic study tips and test-taking strategies have been developed to ensure that you gain confidence in your ability to systematically and objectively work through various types of test questions and overcome potential psychological distress, including test anxiety.

Need Tutoring?

  • Struggling to get your practice test scores up into the 70’s and 80’s?
  • Flummoxed by the ambiguity and subtleties of exam questions (that Yes! are designed to weed out those who sort of know their stuff from those who definitely know their stuff)?
  • Stymied by the task of selecting the best answer from several that may be technically correct?
  • Scratching your head about specific content in your study materials that is likely to be on your test, such as competitive business strategies and their impact on HR, the 4/5ths rule for adverse impact analysis, validity and reliability, deferred compensation, global HR strategies, the path to unionization, or risk analysis and mitigation, to name but a few?

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