Tutoring for HR Certification

Get one-on-one mentoring for HR certification exams

We know how tough the HR certification exams are. The topics are complex and test-anxiety is a reality for many of our students. So, whether you need clarification on a specific topic or coaching to help with confidence on test day, our SPHR-certified staff can help provide clarity and a sense of calmness. 


a great supplement to courses, workshops & self-study


work through practice questions & topics together


one-on-one sessions cater to your specific needs


flexible online meeting options

Tutoring can help in any of these situations:

  • Struggling to get your practice test scores up into the 70’s and 80’s
  • Flummoxed by the ambiguity and subtleties of exam questions (that Yes! are designed to weed out those who sort of know their stuff from those who definitely know their stuff)?
  • Stymied by the task of selecting the best answer from several that may be technically correct?
  • Scratching your head about specific content in your study materials that is likely to be on your test, such as competitive business strategies and their impact on HR, the 4/5ths rule for adverse impact analysis, validity and reliability, deferred compensation, global HR strategies, the path to unionization, or risk analysis and mitigation, to name but a few?

Debi’s real-life applications and expertise completely support the materials and I found her mentoring to be just as valuable as the information in the course books. The service she provides is so valuable and I would recommend her to anybody looking to take that next step in their HR career.

Casey Steiner, SHRM-CP

Director of Talent & Culture, Zen Planner


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