Can I Bring My Pet Monkey to Work? Answers to 45 of the Wildest Workplace Law Questions


All the questions you’ve wondered about employees’ rights at work but were too overwhelmed or afraid to ask.

  • Written by: Chuck Passaglia / Owner, Employment Law Solutions Inc. / Employment Attorney, Speaker & Trainer
  • Edited by: Debi Chernak / CEO, HR Cert Prep Pros Inc. / HR Executive, Consultant & Certification Prep Provide

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In this thought-provoking and humorous primer on employment law, Chuck provides insightful and thorough answers to 45 of the wildest workplace law questions with a single purpose: to help business leaders, employees, lawyers, and HR professionals learn how to navigate the complex, ever-changing world of employment law. Among the questions you will consider:

  • Is being allergic to perfume a disability?
  • Is a TSA pat-down a form of sexual harassment?
  • Can employees refuse to have taxes withheld from their paycheck?
  • Can an employee avoid a drug test if afraid to pee around others?
  • Are blondes a protected class?

If dealing with difficult people at work makes you want to howl, you should read this book. By the end of Can I Bring my Pet Monkey to Work? you will know a great deal more about your rights and responsibilities… and we guarantee that you’ll have had a few laughs along the way.